Why is it that Influencers continue to misuse their influential power. It is indeed sickening to see the extent of their deceit. Yet the regulators and social networks continue to let them get away with their crimes.

Jake Paul has made over $2 million by promoting and running various crypto schemes and NFTs. Today we’re exposing a network of secret crypto wallets he’s been using to hide his activity. if you’ve been wondering how Jake Paul’s net worth has gone up so much, these Jake Paul crypto scams might help explain it. We will discuss the Safemoon lawsuit, Yummy promotions, and many more promotional scams Jake Paul has run.

Big thanks to BLAMEBOOTSY for doing a bunch of research into Jake’s secret wallet. Find him @blamebootsy on Twitter.

Instagram @JakePaul
followers 20.4 Million


Source Savanna News

It is indeed sickening to see the extent of his deceit.

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