My dearest Bryan Johnson,

I hope this message finds you well, my friend. I simply couldn’t resist taking a moment to engage with your insatiable thirst for the elusive elixirs of life, the magical snake oils that promise to grant us eternal youth, boundless energy, and the wisdom of ancient sages.

Now, Bryan, I must admit that it boggles my mind how you persist in this relentless pursuit of that which is ultimately unattainable and, dare I say, rather foolish. Are you not aware, my dear chap, that throughout history, countless individuals have gone down the very same path, only to find that their dreams of eternal life were but fleeting illusions?

Oh, Bryan, how could you not learn from the mistakes of others? These snake oils, these quick-fix solutions, are but the charlatans’ tools for preying on the desperate hearts and minds of those who are afraid to confront the very essence of our mortality. They are the mirages in the desert, tantalizingly promising water that simply does not exist.

As I write these words, dear Bryan, it is with a heavy heart, knowing that the path you have chosen will inevitably lead you to disappointment and, dare I say, a rather tragic demise. For you see, my friend, life’s true richness lies not in chasing illusory fantasies but in embracing the finite nature of our existence.

It is through acceptance, growth, and connection with our fellow travelers on this beautiful journey that we find meaning and true fulfillment. The pursuit of snake oil, on the other hand, only serves to perpetuate our culture’s obsession with instant gratification and eternal youth, perpetuating a cycle of disillusionment and spiritual emptiness.

So, Bryan, my dear comrade, I implore you to reconsider your path. Abandon these snake oils and embrace the wondrous mysteries of life as they are – fleeting, transient, and yet undeniably extraordinary. Embrace the lessons that come with each precious day and free yourself from the chains of false promises.

For when the final curtain falls, it is not the elixirs and snake oils that will define our legacy, but the depths of our experiences, the love we shared, and the profound impact we had on those around us.

Choose wisely, Bryan, and bask in the awe-inspiring beauty of this remarkable existence before it slips away like sand through our fingertips.

With compassion and concern,

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Tantalisingly promising water that simply does not exist. Oh the sore disappointment

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He is very much going to die

Roasting Bryan Johnson

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