You can create the perfect body on Instagram using lighting, angles, posing (and influencers do) but the perfect body doesn’t exist in REAL life, as this video will show, and really – who’d want to be perfect anyway? How boring. I feel like we all need that tough love friend who reminds us that what we see online, the perfect looking influencers, with their perfect bodies and perfect lives – AREN’T REAL!! These beautiful women are just regular people at the end of the day, the same as you and me! We stink, we pee, we poop. We have cellulite and stretch marks and rolls when we sit down. It’s normal. It’s cute! It’s part of being human. I’m that tough love friend to remind you, that perfection is BORING, influencers are ANGLES AND LIGHTING goals and not body goals, and we’re all gorgeous anyway!

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Stop shedding your blood to look like influencers that don’t look like influencers in real life

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