Meghan Markle goes through money as if it’s running out of fashion

Living beyond your means must be very stressful……so unnecessary for a couple that was “looking” for privacy and a “fresh start”/free life….
It seems that the culture of “your neighbor’s garden is greener than yours” leads you to a very sad and unhealthy lfe.
I feel very sorry for them and guess that living/sharing your life with someone that has no empathy must be like dying with every dawn

By this point most people are aware of what Markle is like, so I can’t imagine an extremely wealthy man giving her a second look. She’s already too old to be arm candy and while people might not know the term “narcissist”, they do know that she’s a basically talentless liar who used men to climb the social ladder.
While Harry certainly isn’t much of a prize, he is probably the best that she’ll be able to do.

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While Harry certainly isn't much of a prize, he is probably the best that she'll be able to do.

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