The Kardashians are a prime example of multiracial white supremacy.2 A commercial enterprise posing as a family, the Kardashians are hell-bent on extracting financial gain from Black people and Black culture, even as they stigmatize, in particular, Black women through their project of multiracial whiteness.

KUWTK’s fundamental success stems from sentimentalizing the family fame’s origins, which lie in the interracial sex tape. This infamous tape contains a scene of Kim having sex with Ray J, who is the brother of her former employer, the singer Brandy. Kim’s big break is often traced to her relationship with Paris Hilton. But it is a famous Black woman who engenders Kim’s first viral documented performance, alongside a less famous Black man.

Kardashian wealth stems from the interracial sex tape on the scale of billions of dollars.

Part of the success of how the sex tape has played out is that there is no superstition or speculation necessary: you can watch it online right now. Kanye West raps about it in “Highlights” (“I bet me and Ray J would be friends, if we didn’t love the same bitch. Don’t matter who hit it first. Only problem is I’m rich.”).

Kim, Khloé, and now Kylie, in particular, have become masterful producers of raced visuality, have biologically reproduced white domesticity with Black children, and have capitalized on the phenomenon of multiracial white supremacy.

What has happened to all the black men that these women have gone through, each and every one has been put aside like wild trash and seen as trash. It remains to be seen what will eventually happen with Kylie’s man. We can already guarantee Kim’s next catch will be a successful black man who will end up being ridiculed post Voodoo.

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We can already guarantee Kim’s next catch will be a successful black man who will end up being ridiculed post Voodoo

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