Ok Blac Chyna clearly is making a whole lot more money than your regular stripper but $17 million Lol! Babe is still hustling hard selling shout outs and cancerous creams with Dencia From Cameroon.

Watch for the debunking!

Onlyfans @blacchyna; 850000 only fans subscribers
FOLLOWERS: 41.4K; 30.4K


$17 million a month LOL!

Source: @nlacchyna

Black Chyna is currently listing meme coin @peachfinance on her URL , another crypto pump and dump

Source: @blacchyna

This is how many likes peach finance got for the thousands of millions it paid to blac Chyna for legit exposure

Source: @peachfinance

Does influencer marketing still work? 1403 followers after partnering with Chyna how dope!

Source: @peachfinance

Some people are not amused

Source: Youtube

The revelation is too hard to swallow for many

Source: Youtube

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