Oh please oh please make it stop…

I simply can’t take it

My head can’t take it

My heart can’t take it

I want to vomit when I get a sight of

This nincompoop called Prince Harry.

Everywhere I go people are shoving this vile individual down my throat along with his brainwashing witch of a wife.

It’s truly outstanding the amount of people they’ve got believing their rubbish.

We did not see Harry talk about how much he and William LOVE Camilla on a TV Interview. We did not read Harry talk about his kill count, whilst in Afghanistan. We did not hear both Harry and Meghan imply that Meghan’s mistreatment by the UK Media, the British public and the Royal Family, his family, plus his staff only treated Meghan differently because she is bi-racial. Nor did we hear Meghan say there were concerns over Archie’s skin colour, so much so, that the Royal Family were going to change protocols, not protect Archie or give him titles, just because Meghan is bi-racial and thus so would Archie be. Nope it was all a dream. One of which I am more than certain that the public, myself included want waking up from right now!!

The whinge fest and petty grievances continue! as do the make believe stories but it’s ok, Harry has put a disclaimer in the book! Phew! There was me thinking that this autobiography was going to be factual!

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My heart can’t take it I want to vomit when I get a sight of This noncompoop called Prince Harr

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