Where do we even begin with Kanye West? This man is the epitome of everything wrong with the world. He is a virus, infecting the minds of the impressionable with his love for money and sin. There is no limit to what he would do for wealth and fame, including selling his soul to demons.

Let’s start with his personal life. Kanye West married a woman who is the embodiment of all things sinful and debauched: Kim Kardashian. She built an empire out of nothing but scandal and sleaze, and Kanye is complicit in her rise to fame. Together, they created a dynasty built on the foundation of sin and materialism. They turned their marriage into a mockery, using it as a platform for promoting their brand of hedonism.

And now, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Kanye West is flaunting another demoness in the making: Bianca Censori. She has made a name for herself by selling basically sex under the guise of marriage, and Kanye is right there by her side, enabling and promoting her toxic behavior. It’s clear that he has no qualms about continuing to propagate the culture of sin and debauchery.

But it doesn’t stop there. Kanye has released a song that can only be described as demonic. The lyrics are filled with hate and bigotry, using exact words like “I just fucked a Jewish bitch.” This is the type of filth that he is spreading to the masses, and the social media platforms allow him to do so without consequence. It is truly sickening to see how he is using his influence to bring more souls to the devil.

What’s even more appalling is the fact that Kanye has the audacity to pretend to be for Christ. He has used religion as a convenient façade to mask his true intentions, all the while continuing to spread his poisonous brand of music and lifestyle. It is a sad state of affairs, and it is a testament to how the world has become a filthy, corrupt place.

To wrap this up, Kanye West is the worst version of a human being. He is a virus, infecting the world with his love for money and sin. He has no qualms about promoting debauchery and immorality, and he will stop at nothing to satisfy his insatiable appetite for fame and fortune. It is truly a tragic state of affairs, and it is a sobering reminder of the dark path that the world is headed down. We must stand firm against the likes of Kanye West and continue to fight against the spread of his toxic influence. Our souls depend on it.

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He is a virus, infecting the minds of the impressionable with his love for money and sin.

These are the demons you just watch out for

Kanye West is just a nut case case closed

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