Lol Logan did you not learn not to mess with Coffeezilla yet!

Logan Paul finally addressed the allegations made by Coffeezilla in his three part series talking about the alleged scam of CryptoZoo. Logan Paul after massive criticism released a video claiming he will now be filing a lawsuit against Coffeezilla and that the allegations he made were untrue about him.

My mind would blown if CoffeeZilla wasn’t already prepared for defamation lawsuits. That man is 3 steps ahead of Logan Paul, because Logan believes he is nothing less than perfect.

As Coffee himself has pointed out: everyone thinks that he’s objective until he starts talking about them.

“Your work used to be impartial [until you started covering my scams]”

Logan might want to check that he didn’t “accidentally” hire a bunch of criminals as his lawyers before he takes Coffee to court

If you did any real investigation you’d know the criminals you interviewed can’t be trusted” – the guy who literally hired those criminals to fleece his fans.

When he said, “Your addiction to clicks has clouded your judgement.” he pretty much just described his entire career in literally one sentence.

I really don’t get why he blames Coffeezila for contacting his manager instead of him directly. Isn’t dealing with this kind of thing a part of a manager’s job?

Simply based off of Coffezillas previous actions I can almost guarantee that Jeff was aware it was being recorded

And here’s the thing. Those laws only apply when you have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Speaking to a reporter asking for comment does not have an expectation of privacy.

Coffeezilla saved a ton of people money by exposing scammers. If he needs money he has an army who will be willing to help him out financially if it comes to that.

Please Logan, PLEASE take this to Court …so Coffeezilla can expose you IN A COURTROOM.

A fun thing about a lawsuit is that if this goes to court, everything will become public record! So if Zilla is sitting on stuff he didn’t publish, that could be submitted during the trial without any fear of repercussion.

I hope this lawsuit backfires and puts the Paul brothers in jail where they rightfully belong.

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Lol Logan did you not learn not to mess with Coffeezilla yet!

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