So according to records Meghan’s father was in fact a well to do lighting director chap who sent her to the best state schools and paid for her to travel abroad. Plus it gets worse Meghan’s father won the lottery when she was nine years old hmmmm!

Fast forward to today and Dear Dear Meghan is now claiming she came from a malnourished background so that she can have the clout and impetus to speak on behalf of the poor to congress.

This girls despicable lies knows no bounds.

One thing we sure caught is how Meghan finally confirms truthfully for once that her Parents including her Father bent backwards to ensure she did not starve.

Very interesting Dear Dear Meghan that you now treat the same Father who bent his back backwards for you like trash and persona non grata.

£1 million GBP clothing budget but no tailor in sight to help out Poor Meghan Markle

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Who takes the Joker seriously

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