A poem in honor of Meghan Markle has been written.

Never mind all the crap that Meghan Markle has pulled and all the love that The Royals extended to this ungrateful despicable leaching being it’s not enough, the Royals are once again being called racist!!

Meanwhile Meghan Markle has summoned the King!!!!

See the self pity poem below…of course comments on the posts were limited to Meghan’s fans!!!

“I see you.

I know the kind of strength it takes to get up and the extraordinary courage it takes to show up again and again.

I know the weathering and toll this takes on the body, mind and soul

I know the anti-blackness dressed up as “critique” or “feedback”

I see you.

I know only too well this type of corrosive racism hidden under the guise of condescending looks and dysfunctional British pleasantries

We know the envy at your societal advancement is the tacit agreement, by some, that you’re ‘too big for your boots’

We know the difference between being disliked and being dehumanised

We too experience the “meangirl” infantile yet abusive denigration

We see you

I see the disproportionate moral outrage at your every move
I know the powerful pull to shrink, to fight back, or to swallow to maintain equilibrium whilst remaining rooted in integrity.

I see you

We know the pain of being hated
We know the exhaustion from anticipating and blocking every attack
We know the unfairness of the double-standards and the disproportionate scrutiny
We know that the reflexive urge they have to police and ”correct” us and to put us back in our ‘metaphorical place’ is not random. It is designed. We know the ugly vilification you experience is because of your blackness – because the historical and continued dehumanisation of Black women is no coincidence, it was and still is a form of prolonged social control. Resist.

I see your courage,
I see your boundaries
I see your vulnerability
But my god do I see your grace
Because I know grace
I know ALL that it takes of us, not to turn others baseless hate into poison and retaliate

White supremacy is rooted in a lack of empathy. The only way white supremacy functions is by disconnecting us from our humanity

We resist by reclaiming ours, because if we won’t, who will?

So you continue to cry
Continue to display tenderness by holding your husbands hand
Relish in those moments of joy
Hold those firm boundaries
Reclaim your anger
Enjoy those never let me go hugs and neverending belly laughs

Live in your full humanity & do what black women have always done. Thrive, in spite of.

I see you
Nova xx”

On a happier note the archewell foundation has lost nearly 10000 followers on instagram, it seems people are not so easily fooled by fakery.

Meghan Markle squeezes tears

Instagram @archewell_hm, @sussexroyal
followers 85.5K; 9.6M


Bollocks! It is super easy to show up when the pay off is millions perhaps billions.

Source: @novareidofficial

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