Harry and Meghan are the most unentertaining crew right now in show biz…No Joke!

These two thought they had it all in the bag, they thought they would just walk away from the Royal fold and still make it big.

They couldn’t make it with the Royals, they couldn’t make it in Canada, they couldn’t make it in LA, what makes them think they can make it in New York when the common failing denominator is nothing but self!

Recently these two sad bozos were mocked like simpletons on the Wendy William Show

“A rumour has it that they might be starting a CBD company. What’s the deal, are you guys doing? Are you money laundering?”

The brutal attacks went further as the host said Harry “went from being a real prince to an actual real housewife.”

He added: “You guys said you didn’t want attention, you didn’t want to be in the limelight but you’re starting a reality TV show.”

I guess starting your own reality tv show is America’s equivalent of Royalty!

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When do they spend time with their kids…No this is not Lilibet!!!

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