The Holden Saga: Do Age and Respectability Really Still Matter?

In a world where opinions are as bountiful as air molecules and outrage is the newest black, we find ourselves entrenched in yet another controversy: Was Andrew Tate really wrong to call out Amanda Holden for ‘showing off’ her body on the internet, even if she is a 52-year-old wife and mother?

First things first, let’s get one fact out of the way. I’m an advocate of the sentiment that everyone has the freedom to express themselves in their own unique manner but even I, have limits – especially when it involves the line between self-expression and respectability.

Does age carry no weight in garnering respect anymore? Is being 52 just a number, or does it carry some semblance of responsibility? Responsibility towards being a role model not only to one’s children but also to women around the globe?

Amanda Holden, we appreciate your confidence, and that’s not the issue being highlighted here. What pounds on my nerves, however, is the why of it. WHY, Amanda? Why should you find it mandatory to showcase your body to the internet world?

The beauty of self-expression lies in its purpose, the message it delivers, the change it hopes to inspire. But when self-expression forgoes substance for the sake of virality – it’s not just inappropriate, it’s a degradation of the very purpose of empowerment.

As a wife and mother, Amanda, you hold a vital role in society and an iconic position, especially in the world of entertainment. Again, it’s not about looking good at 52 or 22 – it’s about setting the boundaries of respect for oneself.

The world is changing, and yes, perhaps old norms are shifting. But we as influencers, public figures, and human beings, need to remember – not everything that’s changing is necessarily good. We have to understand that freedom doesn’t mean chaos. It doesn’t mean we throw whatever stuff we have out there and call ourselves ‘liberated’. Freedom and respect aren’t mutually exclusive.

So, was Andrew Tate wrong to call Amanda out? In my world , the answer is no. Look beyond the surface-level argument of age-shaming and ‘body positivity’. This is not a fight against Amanda ‘showing off’ her body. It’s about questioning the intent behind it. It’s about instilling a sense of propriety amidst the chaotic explosion of social media ‘expressions’.

Let’s promote liberating ideals, sure – but let’s ground them in respect. Let’s celebrate women, mothers, daughters, sisters, and leaders. But let’s do it with substance that drives positive change, not just clicks or likes. Age doesn’t restrict your freedom, it imbues it with wisdom – and it would be grossly negligent to ignore the narrative that should accompany that freedom.

The internet is a wild place, folks. But that doesn’t mean we need to be the savages roaming its virtual plains. Respect and dignity should still matter – no matter how many followers you’ve got on Instagram.

After all, a world where everything goes… really makes no sense, now does it?

NB: What Andrew Said was right but coming from Andrew a self proclaimed former pimp it’s rather RICH.

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NB: What Andrew Said was right but coming from Andrew a self proclaimed former pimp it’s rather RICH.

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