This is so weird. Taking fame way too far. Cut the cameras

We all remember how last episode Kim used her son to milk Ray J

Now in this episode it’s the divorce sob story to milk Kanye.

He gave her a whole fashion career and the entire family for that matter. Now we should cry for poor little girl. Oh please. Have a seat. She will be fine.

Kim loves to be the Victim…But if Ye tells his side he is Crazy and needs to be locked away.

As someone who’s been following the Kardashian-West saga for as long as I can remember, I can’t help but notice the constant attention Kim Kardashian seems to be seeking from her estranged husband, Kanye West. What’s even more concerning is her propensity to publicly discuss their ongoing divorce, especially on her new show.

In recent weeks, Kim has been all over the news discussing the breakdown of her marriage, sharing intimate details that should have been kept between the couple. It’s hard not to feel like she’s using their personal problems to generate buzz for her new show, and it’s leaving a bad taste in many people’s mouths.

Sure, divorce is never easy, and it’s understandable that Kim needs an outlet to process her emotions. But to continually bring up Kanye in interviews and on her show feels like a blatant effort to milk their relationship for all it’s worth.

With every new tidbit that Kim shares, it seems like she’s trying to keep the public’s attention focused on her. The constant speculating about their relationship is only fueling the media’s interest and obsession with the former couple’s marriage, and by constantly bringing up Kanye, Kim is only stoking the flames.

It’s distasteful to say the least. As a public figure with millions of followers and fans, she should be more mindful of how her actions and words can impact others. At a time when so many people are going through hardships and struggling to make ends meet, the last thing we need is to be constantly bombarded with the drama of a celebrity divorce.

We should be focusing on the positive things happening in the world, and finding ways to uplift each other. Instead, we’re subjected to Kim Kardashian’s endless attempts to milk her marriage to Kanye West for all its worth.

It’s time for her to move on and allow their relationship to come to a close in private. The public has had enough of the drama, and it’s time for Kim to stop trying to keep the story alive.

Overall, it’s clear that Kim Kardashian is milking her divorce from Kanye West for all it’s worth. Whether it’s for financial gain or just a love of attention, she’s using their split to keep herself in the public eye and stay relevant. And while it may not be the most admirable move, it’s one that’s sure to keep fans talking and tuning in to the latest Kardashian drama.

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And how many years did she drag Taylor Swift through the narrative?

STOP BLAMING KANYE!!! No ..this is a show.

All I’m hearing is she used to go behind his back and undermine his decisions when they were together. Kanye never needed your PR , he’s a super star.

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This is so weird. Taking fame way too far. Cut the cameras

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