I knew that “Haitian Queen” wasnt self made smh.. I hate when some of these ig thots say oh im an entreprenuer im self made im this i own my own home business and a single mom blah blah blah and you find out they are some theif who got knocked up by a married man and they spin the story with celine bags and looking cute. Ugh.

thought I would bring this to your attention, not sure if you care or not but I would love if you could put this on your blog to see if I’m the only person who feels like they have been scammed! I’ve been following @msblingmiami for some time now. I think she is absolutely gorgeous and be dressing her butt off. She was ( past tense) a role model for me. Being that she has a rag to riches story and looks to be doing pretty well off as a independent woman. So when she said she was writing a book I was beyond excited!!! Like “WOW how awesome it would be to read this chicks story”, Getting to know the chick beyond Instagram pics and post. Finally she puts the book up for pre sale. My friend figured this would be a awesome Christmas gift for me, & when she told me I was stoked about getting the book. In the email the release date was for February.. Which was no biggie it’s pre sale. Then when it got to February a email was sent out saying it would be published and sent out in late Spring. By this time she no longer posted any excerpts from the book on Instagram. I felt a little funny being that it was now April, I told my friend to report it on paypal.!! Well LONG & BEHOLD, after 45 days you can know longer do a claim. Only way to get your money back is for her to physically do a refund. Me as well as my friend emailed her over a dozen times with no responds. Now let me just say it is not about the $20. It is more so the fact that she collected $20 from over 20,000 people and haven’t produced a book. You would think that she was never selling a book. I truly believe that Ms. Bling has pulled off one of the biggest & best scams on IG. The collection of money from her followers is now affording her Chanel, Versace and other designer items. As I stated in the beginning, am I the only person who is thinking about the Ms. Bling book?

Let this sound how it’s going to sound, because I’m still going to say it: I really, really hate when folks try to support other black folks in their endeavors and they get screwed. It’s bad enough when white folks do it, but we know what it means for black folks to support their own, how important it is. You’re doubly dirty if you do that to your own.

You really couldn’t tell from the tacky ass beauty supply made in China fashions? Clearly this woman is nothing but a scammer-they’re all the same frontin on IG posting up in front of rented cars and posting dumb “inspirational” quotes about haters. I have no sympathy for whoever bought this book.

Lol at paying money to read an autobiography about an instathot.

No sympathy for you

Am I the only one that’s not crazy about how she dresses? Yes, she’s in designer stuff most of the time, but a lot of her items are flashy and loud.

LMAO just reading the excerpts of her book posted from the notes on her phone I could tell it would be some foolishness.

she’s scandalous as hell for never even bothering to refund people. Then again, I guess that was her plan all along :dead:

Lesson learned. Stop buying ish off of IG. It’s a cess-pool for scam artists. If someone’s rep isn’t rock solid I’d wait it out and see if I could get the book from a reputable source like Amazon etc.

$20 from 20k people is quite a bit of money. She’s a legit criminal for that.

Ms Bling actually responded at some point

Unfortunately, I had legal issues with it’s release and have been in litigation with the ex for nearly 2 years! I pre-sold several books and have since refunded everyone with the exception of 186 customers.

Ok ok

I don’t understand why she didn’t refund those 186 people their money back but she’s on Ig stunting 1500 shoes and 6k purses. They shouldn’t have to ask her for a refund she should have paid them back as soon she realized she wasn’t going to be able to release a book.

Let’s say the book was $20 + $7 shipping, x 186 = $5,022

shes dead broke if she can’t pay that back. A lot of these IG chicks definitely fraud and you can tell by the way she goes hard to show off, that she doesn’t have shit…

Her whole damn story sounds like a lie but i don’t feel sorry for people who idolize these IG “socialites” just because they drive fancy cars and carry expensive purses. Most of those chicks are frauds fronting for attention.

She was crying about how good God is and thru his blessings she’s sitting in her own office space… I wonder if God is smiling upon all the scams she’s pulled and if he’s rooting for her to win…

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By Mirror

Lesson learned. Stop buying ish off fake insta Slaylebrities of IG.

Source: @msblingmiami

Ms bling flossing with her walk in wardrobe where is all this money coming from!!!

Source: @msblingmiami

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