Coffeezilla will not let Logan Paul Off the hook

No sireee!

Do not f*ck with this Coffeezilla cat

He’s a mean cat and he don’t play!

Despite Logan Paul apologising And promising over a million USD to victims of his alleged crypto scam it still did not sit well with almighty Internet FBI Coffeezilla.

Coffeezilla can’t simply be ignored

He twists the knife in his final say on Logan’s case by showing his viewers how to go after Logan legally.

Logan paul didn’t grow a conscience over night, he isn’t apologizing or making amends out of decency, he’s simply doing what will save him the most money after consulting with his lawyers and realizing what he would lose if he tried to fight the situation.

youtube @loganpaul
followers 23.6 million


Coffeezilla can't simply be ignored

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